February, 2013 [Russian Version]

DTM soft releases major update of DTM Data Editor
View or edit any database with the form-based easy to use editor.

DTM Data Editor is database viewer and editor that designed to work in the multivendor database environment. It provides an intuitive way to operate two or more databases like Oracle, DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server in one session. New functions of the tool like object and row filtering, permanent or temporary sorting make editor process more flexible and precise.

The editor is a must have tool for professionals how need direct and fast access to database data at the low level. It shows data as is as well as with master-details relationship resolutions.

DTM Data Editor is now better integrated with other database utilities by DTM soft. For example, the user can view populated by DTM Data Generator table by one click. The free license of the editor is now included in Enterprise edition of DTM Data Generator.

Another addition to the new release is built-in binary object recognizer. In most cases it can find the optimal editor or viewer for large binary objects stored in a database. Currently, it can recognize about 30 most popular formats: images, desktop and Office files, multimedia and archive files.

DTM Data Editor is an important part of DTM soft's product line that also includes migration tools, data and schema comparison tools, test data generators family, data modeling, reporting, stress testing tools, etc.

December, 2004

DTM soft releases DTM Data Editor 1.0
Brainlessly simple and impressively powerful database editor that supports all popular database formats.

DTM Data Editor is a database editor with an impressive set of features. Essentially, this tool can be used to edit any type of popular database files - ODBC and IDAPI data sources, Oracle Call Interface connections and Access, Paradox, DBF, Excel files. Thus, DTM Data Editor is simply irreplaceable for editing proprietary database files when there is no "mother application" for it available or the budget is too thin.

When compared to other database editors, DTM Data Editor scores much higher. For instance, this tool supports importing, exporting and viewing large text and binary objects (BLOBs), related to the records being edited. Conveniently, if there is a foreign key - primary keys relation between database fields, these can be edited either manually or semi-automatically, by selecting an appropriate value from the list. This both speeds up editing process and allows database administrators to keep database integrity intact.

DTM Data Editor employs a simple, form-based interface that makes adding, deleting or editing data records a fast and brainlessly simple process. If necessary, the program can create SQL statements that can be modified.

DTM Data Editor is intuitive, has a very low learning curve and requires no special training. It is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at www.sqledit.com/de for evaluation.

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