DTM Data Modeler Revision History

Version 1.15.00 (26-OCT-2020)
  • "Ignore schemas" option implemented
  • Reverse engineering options window: better schema loading support, UI improvements
  • Area management dialog redesigned and improved
  • Minor design improvements: data type editor and stored procedure editor dialogs
Version 1.14
  • User interface update
  • Better area management
  • Objects tree navigation improved
Version 1.13
  • Check for Updates feature implemented
  • Save area as new project function added
  • Object tree navigation improvements: sort order, validation, etc
  • New model integrity checks added
Version 1.12
  • Better support for multi-line column comments
  • RESTRICT action added for delete and update relationships
  • Model backup feature added
  • SQLite default data type set added
Version 1.11
  • Cumulative user interface improvement: new menu, tree refresh feature, etc.
  • New schema tree context menus added for relationships, indexes, triggers, etc.
  • DTM Data Editor integration added
Version 1.10
  • SQL templates for SQLite added
  • Hot key support improved, new shortcuts added
  • The database connection properties are now stored in the project file
Version 1.09
  • User defended data types reverse engineering
  • Better support for data type recreation
  • Descriptions recreation feature for SQL Server
  • Better support for NULL option for non-identifying relationships.
Version 1.08
  • Better support for constraint names
  • Exclude mask for reverse engineering
  • New SQL generation settings and options
  • Data Model Conversion tool

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