SQL Statement Builder

The SQL builder is a built-in tool of DTM SQL editor. It is the step-by-step constructor that helps users to create SQL statements. It is suitable for: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements. Also, it supports CREATE and DROP for most popular objects: TABLE, VIEW, PROCEDURE, TRIGGER, and INDEX. Limited support for GRANT and REVOKE statements is also available.

How the builder can save your time?

DTM SQL editor: statement builder first page
  • You should not enter keywords manually - just select required clause.
  • You have not to remember exact object (like table or column name), the tool allows you to select it from the list.
  • You should not remember exact statement syntax - the builder constructs it from clauses automatically.
  • It adds schema (or owner) prefix to table or view automatically.
  • You have not to quote values manually. The builder do that automatically depends on column's data type.
  • It supports three modes: append, replace and insert - you are allowed to combine results of a few builder executions.

The SQL builder is also suitable for new SQL users. The tool shows currently created statement after each step: it is good visual learning tool for novices.

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