DTM SQL editor Revision History

Version 2.05.07 (03-apr-2016)
  • Added "ignore schema list" feature
  • Autocomplete feature optimized for "whole schemas" mode
  • Data Model reverse engineering process enhanced for large scale schemas
Version 2.04
  • Better support for "manual commit" mode
  • Table alias support improvement for SQL builder
  • New settings window and GUI enhancements
Version 2.03
  • Cumulative GUI upgrade
  • Better support for Windows 7 features
  • OCI support enhanced
Version 2.02.9x
  • SQL builder supports Create Procedure (function) statements
  • Simple Entity-Relationship (ER) model viewer with printing feature
  • Better support for SQL Server 2008
Version 2.02.2x-8x
  • SQL scripts and templates Library
  • Data editor for database tables
Version 2.02.10
  • Editor enhancements: bookmarks, go to line, clear script, auto indent mode
  • After fail execution sets cursor to begin of the wrong line, if possible
  • Greater support for drag-n-drop
Version 2.02.00
  • Supports source control using MS Visual Source Safe
  • SQL builder supports CREATE TRIGGER, GRANT and REVOKE statements

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