DTM Migration Kit Revision History Archive

Version 1.08
  • Better support for MS SQL Server schemas migration
  • Copy user defined functions feature improvements
  • Copy user defined data type feature added for SQL Server
  • "Stop on error" option enhanced
  • New "Clear" rule options for complex relationships and compound keys
Version 1.07
  • Cumulative GUI and rules engine update
  • Better support for import Excel 2010 files and Access 2010 databases
Version 1.06
  • Send mail rule
  • Independent settings for default source and target connections
  • Type mapping feature
  • Important interface improvements
  • New project options
Version 1.05
  • Schema migration rule: added procedures, triggers and list of tables support
  • Export, import and migration for selected set of tables
  • Automate Date conversion with predefined function
Version 1.03
  • Greater support for Windows Task Scheduler
  • Major user interface changes
Version 1.02
  • "Run SQL" rule
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
Version 1.01
  • Console mode and task scheduler integration
  • Enhanced mapping mode, filling column by constant or expression
  • Supports OEM-ANSI conversions
  • Supports "All tables" mode for export, import and transformation

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