Data Import, Export and Migration Tool Features


Operating systems support Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and newer.
What kind of unified database interfaces are supported? ODBC, IDAPI or Oracle Call Interface.
Does the product support desktop database formats? Yes: Access, DBF, Excel, Paradox.
Does the product support any DBMS-specific features? Yes, for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Interbase/Firebird.

Import formats

What kind of data formats are supported for import? MS Access, MS Excel, plain text, DBF (dBase or FoxPro), Paradox.
Can the tool open read only files and databases for import purpose? Yes.
What text formats are suitable to import? Tab-delimited, fixed length, CSV and with custom separators.
Can OEM to ANSI conversion be applied to data? Yes.

Export formats

What kind of data formats are supported for export? Plain text, HTML, RTF, XML.
Can the tool user Excel file as export target? Yes, installed Excel is required in this case.
Does the product support export to set of INSERT statements? Yes.
What object's data can be exported? Single table, all tables, list of tables, query results.
Can the user export only specified rows of the table? Yes, in the table mode WHERE clause can be specified.
Can the tool to export Identity columns of SQL Server? Yes, there are three modes: ignore, export and export with set statements.
Can the user specify statement separator for export to SQL script? Yes.
Can the migration kit export large binary objects (BLOBs)? Yes.
What output models for XML export are supported? Column name is attribute or column name is a tag.

Other Rules

Can the tool copy the database schema? Yes with schema migration rule.
Can I remove data from my database with the tool? Yes, "clear" rule is suitable for this purpose.
Can I run my own script as a part of migration process? Yes, "run SQL" rule will help you with.
Can I run some program as a part of data migration process? Yes, "run external" rule allows users to do that.


What kind of control statements are available in the tool? "IF", "GO TO" and "STOP" rules.
Can label be applied to any migration rule? Yes
Does the program set ERRORLEVEL environment variable after execution? Yes, 0 for success. Not 0 value means fail.

Data sources for migration

Does the product support desktop file and database formats? Yes, for plain text files, DBF, Paradox, MS Access, MS Excel, etc.


How can I redistribute migration kit functions with my application? You should order OEM version of the runtime license.


Is help for the tool built into the product? Yes, Windows HTML Help format.
Is help for the tool available online? Yes, see online help
Does the migration kit's manual available as PDF? Yes, please contact us for exact download URL