DTM Query Reporter Revision History

Version 2.05.02 (26-FEB-2019)
  • Custom classes for title, header and footer
  • Value converters implemented
  • Cumulative reporting engine update
Version 2.04
  • User defined templates for HTML output implemented
  • Subquery support in title, header and footer added
Version 2.03
  • External editor for SQL script
  • "Whole Row" mode for markers added
  • HTML template support improved
Version 2.02
  • "Exclude column from the report" option implemented
  • CSV added as output format
  • "Single header and footer" mode implemented
Version 2.01
  • Landscape report format added for PDF and Word/RTF
  • "In range" condition added for value markers
  • -s, -o, -v command line switches are available
  • Cumulative RDF/DOC support improvement
Version 2.00
  • New multi-project user interface
  • Advanced editors for header and footer
  • Markers and column properties implemented
  • Rich preview feature added
  • New macros: $ROWS$, $QUERY$, $NAME$, etc.
  • Special comments support implemented
  • New HTML report designs: default and black/white

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