Export query results to HTML process automation

DTM Query Reporter was designed to help users to automate export results of the database query execution. HTML is on of the supported format. The program creates a page with HTML table based on row set and template provided by the user. DTM Query Reporter is suitable for execution in GUI mode as well as in unattended mode that compatible with batch files, schedulers, etc. That means users allowed to automate the export process for HTML document creation.

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There are steps to automate the export:

DTM Query Reporter: export to static HTML page
  • Provide connection to database server, local DB or desktop data file like Excel, Access or DB.
  • Enter SQL script/statement or load text from file (.sql).
  • Select HTML structure: single file or frame with a table of content.
  • Specify output file name. $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros can be used as a part of the file name.
  • Save project file to disk.
  • Make command line: '-c' switch have to be used to run the software without GUI.
  • Send the command line to schedule system like: at 12:00 "qr.exe -c d:\SQL\Shippers-2016-Report.qrp"

To customize the export process user can provide the tool with extra information:

  • Script parameterization with 'value file', i.e. file with statement parts, parameters or even whole SQL scripts.
  • Report character set and encoding for non-Latin languages.
  • Modify report title, header or footer.

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