DTM Query Reporter Runtime License 1.xx

The DTM Query Reporter Runtime is a special version of the database query reporting tool 1.xx. This version allows the user to run already created reporting projects without any modifications except output options, value files and common settings.

This version helps to save a lot of money for teams where a few members run projects but never develop them. For example, one employee develops projects and five run only. For Runtime version cost is $99+ $130 = $229 against $594 for six full licenses.

Another use case is run a few reporting processes concurrently. Default license does not allow the user to run a few copies of the tool in this manner. The runtime license saves your money in this case as well.

Also, the user should not renew support and upgrade subscription for the runtime copy while he or she has active one for the full version of the DTM Query Reporter. In our example that means that starting the second year subscription cost will be $75 per year only instead of $400 for six full licenses.

Please find differences between full and runtime versions of the reporting tool in the following table:

Option Full Version Runtime Version
Create or modify project file Yes No
Run existing project file Yes Yes

Order runtime license on-line

Product Edition Build License Type Item Code Price Order
 DTM Query Reporter Runtime 1.24 1 license 2851290 US $45 Order
 DTM Query Reporter Runtime 1.24 5 licenses 2851294 US $130 Order
 DTM Query Reporter Runtime 1.24 10 licenses 2851296 US $210 Order