September, 2012

DTM soft updates DTM Schema Inspector
Investigate your database schemas with new tool by DTM soft

DTM Schema Inspector is a utility that designed for database schema investigation and management. It is must have tool for any professional who need to analyze database structure.

The schema inspector supports a few connection to different databases and database systems at once and suitable for multivendor environments. The rich searching and filtering options make operations with database schemas more focused.

The new version has a few important additions. The snapshot support allows users to save current database schema definition to the disk file for analyzing in the future. New object's editor is a comfortable way to modify definitions for triggers or stored procedures. The enhanced operation panel helps to rename schema object by one click.

DTM Schema Inspector is now supported export to SQL script feature for whole schemas, single objects, and selected data rows. Also, SQL console helps users to run any SQL script against currently selected database connection.

DTM soft is ISV specializing in developing data processing utilities since 1998. DTM Schema Inspector is an important part of the company's schema management software product line that also includes titles like DTM Schema Reporter and DTM Schema Comparer.

August, 2007

DTM soft replaces Object Inspector with DTM Schema Inspector
Open your eyes to database with DTM Schema Inspector

DTM Schema Inspector is a database schema management tool. This easy to use utility helps developers or database administrators to review or analyze database schema within seconds. The new version of the tool, that known early as Object Inspector, shows definitions for database tables, views, stored procedures, fields, primary and foreign keys, users, etc.

One of the most important features of the Schema Inspector is support of various data sources simultaneous. The product can operate with Microsoft SQL Server database as well as with Oracle or with DB2 database. The software product supports all common database interfaces: ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI, or even Oracle Call Interface.

In addition, the program has data browse option that allows the user to view database data. Moreover, built-in permissions browser shows object-level permissions for tables, views and other objects.

DTM Schema Inspector is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

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