How DTM Schema Reporter can help me?

Database Solution Developer

New developers waste a lot of time to database structure investigation. The reporting tool can provide them a report with description of any objects and relationships. At the other hand, it provides a way to keep knowledge about the system under development. The object's description is a common storage of this information that shared automatically over the team.

Technical Writer

The technical writer can get a draft of the system description by a few clicks. The schema report will contain well-linked "Table of Content", the complete list of database objects and comments. The program generates a report in editable format (RTF) that compatible with most popular tools like Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer. Also, the technical writer can save object's descriptions back to the database.

System Architect

The documenting tool allows the architect to share information about database object's purpose. Also, he or she can verify current schema state with this tool in a visual and comfortable manner.


Built-in security report can help DBA to observe the lists of existing users, logins, and roles as well as investigate object's permissions.

Advanced User

The documenting tool provides a fast way to understand database structure, list of tables, views, procedures, etc. If solution developers entered comments or descriptions for tables, columns, and other objects, it is the great method of database leaning.

QA Engineer

To create complete and effective tests, QA engineer must understand system architecture and any object's purpose. DTM Schema Reporter is a unified way to extract information about database schema from DBMS directly.

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