Database Schema Documenting Tool Features


Operating systems support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003, 2008, 2012 or newer.
Additional client side software required ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI (BDE) or Oracle Call Interface.
Does the product support any DBMS-specific features? Yes, for MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase and Interbase/Firebird.

Report formats

Does the product support RTF reports (Microsoft Word compatible)? Yes.
Does the product support HTML reports? Yes. There are 3 versions: single file, framed and one file per object.
Does the schema reporter support XML as report format? Yes.
Does the software product support plain text reports? Yes.
Does the product support Windows HTML Help (.CHM) reports? Yes.
Does the tool support PDF reports? Yes.
Can the database schema reporting utility save schema report to Excel file? Yes, installed Microsoft Excel required.
Does the reporting tool allow to tune or localize report? Yes, more...
Can I create database schema report using a few formats at once? Yes

Additional options and features

Does the schema reporter allow the user to view or to print ER-model of the database? Yes.
What kind of additional reports are present? Security report for MS SQL and Oracle.

Report customization

Does the product support SQL syntax highlighting? Yes, for RTF/DOC and HTML/CHM output formats.
Can the user change the report title? Yes.
Does the product allow to create localized SQL schema documentation? Yes, complete report localization is supported.
Can the user change CSS styles for HTML and CHM reports? Yes.
Can the user change styles for RTF reports? Yes.

Data sources for reporting tool

Does the product support report for life database connections? Yes, with ODBC, OLE DB, or Oracle Call Interface
Does the schema documenter support report creation for schemas as a set of DDL statements? No, only including DDL statements to report is supported.


Is help file for the tool built into the product? Yes.
Is the manual for the tool available online? Yes, see online help
Can I download the help file as PDF? Yes

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