DTM Schema Reporter Revision History

Version 1.30.00 (29-NOV-2020)
  • Cumulative connectivity module update
  • Better schema management support for modern MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Performance improvements and fixes for schema information extraction
Version 1.29
  • Better support "exclude" lists
  • Performance enhancements for object list building
  • Cumulative user's interface update
  • Syntax highlighting improvements for DDL statements (HTML format)
Version 1.28
  • The project can content individual style options
  • New PDF output customization options: font size and landscape page orientation
  • Cumulative schema management module update
Version 1.27
  • Report Footer feature added
  • New project settings added for execution console management
  • Better support for "check saved" option
Version 1.26
  • Better support Windows 7 taskbar progress indicator
  • $EoP$ macro implemented for title and footer
  • Project backup feature implemented
Version 1.25
  • Added integration with DTM Data Editor
  • New schema options and settings
  • Major connectivity improvements for SQLite, Pervasive SQL and MySQL
Version 1.24
  • Shows dependencies for views, procedures and functions (SQL Server only)
  • Import and export descriptions tools are integrated in the main window.
  • New export descriptions options for views and procedures.
Version 1.23
  • Extended property editor was integrated into main product and uses default connection
  • Extended Property Editor supports views, procedures and functions
  • Basic information about database level triggers added to report (MS SQL only)
  • CSS file in now integrated into HEAD template

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