DTM Schema Reporter Revision History Archive

Version 1.22
  • Navigation tree extensions
  • Better support for SQL Server views, procedures and functions annotations
  • Descriptions support for indexes and triggers.
Version 1.21
  • Better support for user defined data types
  • New schema reporting options
  • Cumulative GUI update
Version 1.20
  • New user interface
  • Better support for large scale databases
  • Added Quick Log Viewer
  • New multi-report feature
  • Added Execution Console
  • Better XML format support for Security Report
Version 1.17
  • DTM Extended Property Editor included
  • Supports for landscape report format (RTF only)
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros support
Version 1.16
  • Manual mode for schema refresh
  • DTM Definitions Loader included
Version 1.15
  • Greater support for extended properties (Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 only)
  • Complete report's text customization support
  • Important interface changes and enhancements
Version 1.14
  • Complete CSS customization support for HTML and CHM output
  • New command line switches and console mode
Version 1.13
  • Excel as a report format
  • Greater support for PostgreSQL databases documenting
Version 1.12
  • PDF as a report format
  • New TOC options
  • SQL keywords highlighting for RTF, CHM and HTML reports
Version 1.11
  • Extended TOC support
  • Framed and file per object formats for HTML output
  • Windows HTML help as report format
  • SQL Texts (DDL) for tables, indexes and triggers are supported
Version 1.10
  • Security report for Oracle
  • Data Statistics report
  • Minor interface enhancements when documenting database
Version 1.09
  • New database connection interface (direct connections, DSNs, file DSNs, etc).
  • Supports text output for views and procedures
  • New settings and report options
Version 1.08
  • Summary information for database objects
  • TOC for Security Report
  • "Default Report" option
  • New user interface
  • New report options and settings
Version 1.07
  • Simple Entity-Relationship (ER) model viewer with printing feature
  • Important interface enhancements
Version 1.06
  • Supports defaults and comments for DB2 and Oracle
  • Minor fixes for Oracle Call Interface support
  • Supports note (annotations) for fields of the table
  • Greater support for owners/schemas
Version 1.05
  • MS SQL Server security report (users, logins, roles, permissions etc)
  • Shows columns for views
Version 1.04
  • Supports report for stored procedure parameters
  • Minor interface enhancements
Version 1.03
  • XML as a report format
  • Supports Table of Contents for RTF and HTML reports
  • Annotations for views and procedures
  • Supports foreign keys
Version 1.02
  • Supports fonts customization: font face, size etc (for RTF reports)
  • Supports style sheets (for RTF reports)
  • Recent report files list has been implemented
Version 1.01
  • Supports custom report titles
  • Database Objects: dependencies, rules text, defaults text
Version 1.00
  • Supports tables selection and annotations
  • Report profiles: save, edit and load
  • Plain text as a target format

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