How to Tune and Optimize Data Comparison Process

The comparison flexibility is most important benefit of DTM Data Comparer. Unless simplest tools it provides users a few ways to tune comparison or synchronization. The most important comparison options are:

  • Ignore quotation. This option allows the user to compare quoted and non-quoted values. 'abc' is equal to abc in this case.
  • Null value comparison. The user can specify that all NULL values are equal or that NULL value is equal to an empty string if necessary.
  • Conversion expression. This option allows users to modify the value from target database before comparison. For example, non-significant part of the time can be truncated in mentioned modification.
  • Trim spaces. The program can consider "abc " and "abc" as equal string if this option is switched on.

The most important synchronization options are:

  • Available operation set. The user can disable some operations like removing data from target table: only new rows will be added during synchronization in this case.
  • Date conversion. The program can convert date formats automatically. Is is suitable for synchronization different database types, Microsoft SQL Server vs. Oracle as an example.
  • GUID conversion. The synchronization tool can modify GUID presentation, if necessary.
  • IDENTITY modes help SQL Server users to specify a way of ID values synchronization.

Please try out demo (?) version of DTM Data Comparer.

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