DTM Data Generator Runtime for Unix, Linux and Mac OS Revision History

Version 2017.5 (06-apr-2017)
  • Better DTM Gata generator's engine compatibility
  • Cumulative connectivity module update
  • New diagnostics and system information features added
Version 2016.1
  • Test data generation engine update: new functions and options
  • Connectivity module cumulative update
Version 2015.1
  • New features of Data Generator 1.4x and 1.5x family was implemented
Version 2014.1
  • Test data generation engine update
  • GUI hotfixes and extensions
Version 2013.1
  • Major pattern engine update
  • Important performance improvements
  • Better support JDBC connections and large scale databases in JRE 7
Version 2012.2
  • "Update" and "Scramble" insertion modes added
  • "Table Driven" row count mode support added
  • Better support for "File" rules
  • Named generator and variable editors added
  • SQL console extensions
  • Insertion mode selection feature added
  • "Table" and "Object" rule support added
Version 2012.1
  • The first public release

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