Test Data Generation and Database Stress Testing Solutions

DTM soft offers twelve ways to populate your data source (database, file, spreadsheet, etc.) by test data or to run stress testing.

DTM Data Generator, DTM DB Stress
There are easy to use software products for database developers, QA and testers, DBA, performance analysts, etc. DTM Data Generator is a set of powerful tools for test data generation: data generator, BLOB loader, library builder. DTM DB Stress allows you to create and configure a continuous set of requests to the server of the OLAP and OLTP types.
DTM Data Generation SDK
DTM Data Generation SDK is suitable in case you want to create your own solution with test data generation features. More than 50 functions cover most data generation requirements. Also, it allows users to create, modify or run DTM Data Generator's projects from customer's script or program.
Custom Solutions and Service
Our specialists have extensive 14-year experience in the areas of test data generation and database stress testing. If you want to save your time and get a professional solution or a custom tool for these purposes, we will be happy to offer you our services.
DTM Data Generator Runtime
DTM Data Generator Runtime is a read-only version of the DTM Data Generator. It allows users to run existing project i.e. ready to run the project that created by another employee with the full version of the tool. The runtime is a way to save a lot of money for teams.
DTM Data Generator Multiplatform Runtime
DTM Data Generator Multiplatform Runtime is a Java-based read-only version of the generator that can execute the existing project at most popular Unix and Linux platforms as well as under Max OC. It uses JDBC drivers for database connections.
DTM Data Generation Script Compiler
DTM Data Generation Script Compiler is a tool that creates an executable file (fast, standalone, royalty-free redistributable) for your project file. It is the simplest way to include complete test data generation process to your solution for fixed database schema.
DTM Test XML Generator
DTM Test XML Generator is a custom test data generator for XML documents. It supports structure import features and wide set of predefined test data generation facilities.
DTM Data Generator for JSON
DTM Data Generator for JSON is a custom test data generator for JSON files. It provides import JSON structure function and allows users set of more than 25 predefined data generation rules as well as built-in language for complex cases.
DTM Data Generation for Excel
DTM Data Generation for Excel is a fast and easy tool that creates test Microsoft Excel files. The rich menu for most popular data items (name, e-mail, address, currency, country, etc.) makes it comfortable for end users.
DTM File Factory
DTM File Factory is a template based test file generator. It is suitable for structured but not tabular data files creation.
DTM Flat File Generator
DTM Flat File Generator is a high-performance tool for structured text file generation. It supports up to 32 CPU and can generate a few million data rows per second.
Free On-line Data Generator
On-line Test Data Generator (temporary not available) is a free tool that provides users a way to create a small test data set without software installation. It has a few predefined generators and complete access to Pattern Engine

We Offer

  • Development of complex projects for DTM Data Generator*. This offer helps you to save your time for large or complex data generation projects.
  • Performance analysis and project optimization for DTM Data Generator*. We'll create rules optimal for your case.
  • Development of custom solutions based on Data Generation SDK**. We'll create custom data generation or stress testing procedures and the necessary GUI.
  • Integration of our solutions into the customer's projects or processes.

* - the user must have a license for DTM Data Generator to run the created or optimized project.
** - to deploy or distribute the created solution the user must have a Professional license of DTM Data Generation SDK.

How much does is cost?

In most cases, our rate is from 30 to 80 US$ per hour and we need from 0.5 to 3-4 hours for one table depending on the number of columns, the number, and complexity of column-to-column dependencies and table-to-table relationships. If necessary, the GUI development or integration services require additional payment.

How to Order?

Please contact us supplying the following information:

  • The task or project overview. What goals do you want to achieve?
  • The type of the database system you use. Do you want to get a multi-vendor solution or for one DBMS only?
  • How many tables and columns do you have?
  • How many relationships and column-to-column dependencies do you have?