March, 2011

DTM soft releases new version of DTM Test Data Generation SDK
New SDK enables test data generation feature for all developers

Most database developers create test databases to make software better. There are three known ways to populate test database: use existing real data, create custom SQL scripts and use third party test data generator. Each way has important imperfections. For example, existing data can be disclosed, custom scripts can generate only simplest data, but test data generator is not flexible enough.

DTM Data Generation SDK offers another way with advantages of all methods. It allows the programmer or advanced user to add test data generation features to program or script and contains a lot of method for database population. Also, it has value library with the useful set of predefined data arrays: cities, countries, industries, etc.

The SDK is compatible with most modern development tools from JavaScript to C#.
The development kit is easy to use and contains three sets of functions: basic, fill methods and compatibility. The first set offers basic generators like random date or string. The second one has complex methods like by Value Library or by SQL statement. The last group provides direct access to DTM Data Generator projects and allows.

The software is distributed electronically over the Internet. It is windows library that compatible all modern Windows versions. SDK is database independent due to unified database interfaces support: ODBC, OLE DB, and IDAPI. Oracle Call Interface (OCI) is also supported.

Free demo version is ready to download at

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