Test Data Generation SDK Overview

DTM Data Generation SDK is a simple way to add test data generation facilities to your application, script or website. The easy-to-learn library that contains about 50 functions helps the user to access DTM Data Generator functionality as well as to create full-featured custom solutions.

Key SDK Features

DTM Data Generation SDK: test data generation library

SDK provides a few levels of service:

The SDK contains complete, the ready to use set of examples for C/C++, C#, Python and VBscript languages. The batch files with compiler call for Visual C++ and C# are also included.

The value library with about 25 predefined data sets is available to use and redistribute* as a part of the SDK.

The SDK is available as 32 bit (ANSI and Unicode) and 64 bit* (Unicode) Windows DLL and as a COM object that can be used from such scripting languages as VBscript or VBA. The type library is included in the SDK to help the user to integrate functions easily and comfortably.

* - with professional edition only.

The SDK Editions

There are three SDK editions: core, standard and professional. The Core edition does not support database connections and fill methods that require database connections. The only difference between the Standard and Professional version is the distribution policy. The Professional edition allows the licensee to distribute the necessary SDK components with Data Generation SDK-based solutions free of charge. Otherwise, both Code and Standard versions can be used for in-house development only.

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