DTM SQL editor Revision History Archive

Version 2.00.01
  • New User interface, new integration level
  • Three versions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise
Version 1.60.10-19
  • Connection profile helps you to save information about your connection (interface, data source or alias name, user name (login), password and database name (for MS SQL)) and get access it by the one click.
  • Supports export to RTF
  • Export options "open after export", "export as UPDATE statements", "export all fields as text"
Version 1.51.26-30
  • Few changes for Schema browser
  • IDAPI and Oracle Call Interface are supported again
  • Supports "manual commit mode"
  • Plug-ins: "Send Script by e-mail"
Version 1.51.20-23
  • Supports schema export feature
  • New free plug-ins are available: "Run Query Analyzer", "Run WinDiff", "Insert Module Header", "Export and Import settings", "Run Oracle SQL*Plus", "Check for product Updates", "Save and Load history" and "Run External Tool"
Version 1.51.15
  • Plug-ins SDK 1.5 has been released
  • Greater support for Unicode data types and national code pages
  • Supports few editor windows
  • Several result sets for one script are supported
Version 1.50.05-1.50.10
  • Major interface improvements (new editor and grid)
  • new schema viewer (more information, increased productivity)
  • new export features (XML export, new export options)
  • program help in HTML format now
  • new step-by-step query builder
Version 1.40.00
  • user interface enhancements
  • supports Windows XP
Version 1.30.21-1.31.04
  • greater support for MS SQL Server
  • few new export (text, SQL) options and features
Version 1.30.11
  • Object Inspector for database schema
  • "database" view and change support for MS SQL
  • log file view tool
  • minor user interface changes
  • few free plug-ins included in standard distribution
Version 1.10.28
  • macros support implemented
  • TEXT export plug-in available
  • SQL export plug-in available
  • Send script as e-mail plug-in available
  • Send results as e-mail plug-in available
Version 1.10.25
  • improved extended diagnostics of errors