DTM DB Event Revision History

Version 1.05.17 (07-FEB-2019)
  • Local or remote Performance counter value as event definition
  • Bulk event change options
  • New navigation panel
  • New five built in reports and log viewers
Version 1.04
  • New event type: check for file or directory access
  • $VALUE$ macro support for SQL action
  • Execution pause feature
  • Check execution time as event condition
  • -q command line switch
Version 1.03
  • New date and time settings
  • SQL console for event definition
  • Cumulative execution report (HTML)
  • Better support for multi-CPU servers
Version 1.02
  • Project HTML report
  • Run checked events feature
  • Custom Action log
  • $DATE$, $TIME$ and $VALUE$ macros
  • New Excel compatible execution report
  • New settings and options

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