May, 2010

DTM soft releases new version of DTM DB Event

Database availability and performance monitoring is an important part of database administrators' and IT-managers' everyday activity. DTM soft announces DTM DB Event, a new database and server monitoring tool. This tool allows the user to define several events, i.e. situations that need to be controlled. Such an event can be based on an SQL statement, local or remote performance monitors, files or folders, etc.

The user can define the action that will be taken when the event being monitored occurs. For example, run an SQL script, an external program or a command file. This feature makes the DTM DB Event tool not only a monitoring tool but also a management tool. The database administrator can define actions for events like "database log overflow" or "database not available" to fix the problem in an unattended mode.

The monitoring tool was designed to operate in a multivendor database environment. That means the DBA can supervise an Oracle database, an MS SQL Server database and the server CPU loading level with a single copy of the tool.

Moreover, the tool generates several Excel-compatible and HTML reports that allow the DBA to analyze the most important database or server parameters like memory usage or the number of concurrent connections.

DTM DB Event is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

DTM soft is a well-known software company specializing in developing database processing and reporting utilities. The company signature is remarkable simplicity and efficiency of all software titles DTM soft has developed and released. DTM DB Event is the latest addition to the company's database processing software product line that includes titles like DTM DB Stress, DTM Migration Kit, DTM Data Generator, DTM Data Editor and DTM Schema Reporter.

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