Who needs this Database Monitoring Software?

Database Administrators

DTM DB Event provides DBA an easy to use way to monitor one or a few database server activity. DBA can execute simplest availability checks as well as a more complex test like used locks or another database resources.

Also, the program can help DBA to fix most frequent problems. It allows users to define an action that can be executed when the event occurs. For example, SQL statement with log shrinking can be executed automatically for "low space" event.

The program provides two ways to fix the program: by executing SQL script or by call external program or batch file.

System Administrators

The program can help the system administrator to analyze hardware state and loading or system resources availability using "Performance Counters". For example, he or she can monitor CPU usage and available memory size at any number of servers with this tool.

QA staff

The DTM DB Event allows the tester to watch database and server state when long-time test job executed. For example, QA engineer can detect system overloading during case test or case package execution.

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