What differences between free online data generators and DTM Flat File Generator?

There are free online data generation solutions like www.mockaroo.com or www.generatedata.com
Why should you pay for the desktop tool like DTM Flat File Generator? We have at least 25 answers:

  • You can generate a unlimited number of rows per file, not 5,000 or even 100,000.
  • You can append new test data to existing file without any manual operations.
  • You can generate fixed width output file, not delimited only.
  • The program can extract structure from existing file by one click.
  • DTM Flat File Generator analyzes sample file for data generation rules, properties, and dependencies.
  • You can generate your data again and again using project file with data generation properties.
  • You can generate your data by schedule.
  • You can use an external text file as a source or dictionary.
  • You can provide Excel spreadsheet as data generation source.
  • You can assign Microsoft Access table or query as data generation source.
  • The program accepts any database table as source or dictionary (ODBC driver or OLE DB provider is required).
  • You can use database query as a data source.
  • You can extract some data from external XML file.
  • You can specify groups of depended columns based on file, Excel spreadsheet or database table or query.
  • You can specify column-to-column dependencies like (if A>5 use B=NULL).
  • The regular expressions are acceptable as data generators.
  • You can use format strings for numeric data to generate numbers like 01.250 instead of 1.25.
  • DTM Flat File Generator allows users to specify a custom date and time format. Moreover, different columns can have the different format, if necessary.
  • The tool has rich expression engine for numeric, date and time values.
  • You can use special Windows DLL as data generator.
  • You can specify probability for your own list of values.
  • You can generate unique values for some column.
  • You can use incremental date and time columns, not only numeric.
  • You can export and share file structure to colleagues.
  • We provide fast and professional technical support.

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