Differences Between DTM Flat File Generator Generations

2.xx and 3.xx

Option 2.xx 3.xx
Unicode (UTF-16) output support Two different version Integrated
Unicode (UTF-16) import and export support No Yes
UTF-8 output support No Yes
A few projects in the workplace No Yes
Local clipboard for column definition No Yes
Main form resizing model Basic Adaptive
Data type support Manually Automatically
Default connection Common option Project level option
Advanced options for "random number" generator No Yes
Advanced options for "Excel spreadsheet" generator No Yes
Project drag-n-drop operation Replaces project Includes to workplace
New Microsoft Excel format (*.xlsx) support Basic Complete

1.xx and 2.xx

Option 1.xx 2.xx
Maximum rows per file or table 50 000 000 Unlimited
CPU/cores support 1 up to 32
Predefined generators 25 29
Console mode No Yes
Project file format .dgp .ffgp
Run checked execution mode No Yes
Variables support No Yes
Unicode edition No Yes
x64 edition No Yes

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