DTM Flat File Generator Revision History Archive

Version 2.09
  • Pattern engine update: $WebFile and $WebFileGroup added
  • New setting: default output directory
  • Minor performance and synchronization improvements for 8+ core/CPU systems
Version 2.08
  • New import sample file options: custom field separator, filed width files parsing, etc
  • Import sample improvement: well known value sets support
  • Project Wizard has been added
Version 2.07
  • Better quoting support for CSV samples import
  • Major pattern recognition engine update
  • GUI enhancements: menu, toolbars and hot key optimization
Version 2.06
  • Import legacy (.dgp) project file feature implemented
  • Append project feature added
  • User interface: new toolbar icons added, drag-n-drop support added for project files
Version 2.05
  • "Check for update" function enabled
  • Variables support added
  • User interface: better preview support, new context help system points added
Version 2.04
  • "Default project folder" option added
  • Project properties window added
  • New CSV format quoting options
Version 2.03
  • Multiply project file support in console mode
  • Major pattern engine enhancements for date and time expressions
  • Better support for Windows 7/8 taskbar
Version 2.02
  • Show record size for "fixed width" format added
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format settings added
  • Project file backup feature added
  • Unicode version is now available for UTF-16 files
Version 2.01
  • Remove checked columns feature added
  • "Append mode" added to import procedure
  • Bulk column checking support implemented
Version 2.00
  • New pattern and data generation engine
  • Number of row limitation removed
  • Complete support up to 32 CPU/Cores
  • Console mode added
  • Run checked execution mode
  • New effective project file format
Version 1.54
  • New pattern engine
  • Important performance increasing
  • New structure import options and features
  • GUI updates and enhancements
Version 1.50
  • New settings: default date format and default time format
  • Performance improvement: up to 35% faster
  • New feature: add optional empty lines to output file
  • Added SQL console for default database connection
  • Better quoting for CSV files
Version 1.49
  • Better support for huge number generation
  • "Default database connection" feature added
  • New built-in data generator implemented: data by example
Version 1.48
  • Cumulative engine update
  • Performance enhancements
Version 1.47
  • Regular expression as data generator added
  • Pattern engine updates
Version 1.46
  • Major pattern engine update: $IF function, nested patterns, etc.
  • Performance enhancements
Version 1.44
  • Major value library update
  • GUI enhancements
  • Cumulative pattern engine update
Version 1.41
  • Major pattern engine update
Version 1.40
  • Better preview for depended columns
  • Greater diagnostics for output
  • New 'Settings' window
  • New 'Tools' menu
  • Append mode
Version 1.39
  • Pattern engine update
  • User interface hot fixes and enhancements
Version 1.37
  • Cumulative GUI update
  • Better support for Windows 7
Version 1.36
  • Pattern engine update: custom connections, $Truncate, 'C' date format, etc.
  • Export structure to SQL feature added
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros
Version 1.35
  • GUI enhancements: more hot keys, recent file list, etc.
  • Value library cumulative update.
Version 1.34
  • Custom read-only value libraries support implemented.

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