DTM Schema Comparer Revision History

Version 1.12.07 (22-MAY-2018)
  • New comparison report design
  • CSS customization for comparison report
  • Comparison performance improved
Version 1.11
  • Better support MySQL schemas for procedures, functions, and views
  • Windows 7/8 shell integration improved
  • New diagnostics and error handling module
Version 1.10
  • External text comparison tools support added
  • New design of the Settings window
  • Better support for partial comparison and synchronization of the Oracle and DB2 databases
  • GUI addition: script dialog shows connection for target database
Version 1.09
  • New options: ignore schemas list, etc.
  • Better support for trigger synchronization
Version 1.08
  • Compound Primary key comparison enhancements
  • Better support for Pervasive SQL database comparison
  • Cumulative GUI update

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