December, 2012 [Russian Version]

DTM soft releases new version of DTM Schema Comparer
Compare and synchronize database schemas with new tool by DTM soft

DTM Schema Comparer has been designed for database schemas comparison and synchronization. It is suitable for multivendor database environment and appropriate for comparison different databases like Oracle to SQL Server or PostgreSQL to MySQL.

New version of the tool has more than dozen important improvements, most of which based on feedback and suggestions from product users. There are: two-way comparison options, partial comparison or synchronization, external text comparison tool, enhanced visualization modes, "make script only" mode, include/exclude filtering, etc.

DTM Schema Comparer became more focused on comparison and synchronization details. As example, the user can compare only objects with specified substring in the object's name. He or she can compare table "comments" but ignore "check constraints".

DTM Schema Comparer is a part of DTM Comparison Suite that also includes DTM Data Comparer. These tools together provide complete comparison resources for data and schema.

DTM soft is a company specializing in developing database processing, reporting and management utilities for multivendor database environments.

September, 2006

DTM soft releases DTM Schema Comparer 1.00
Compare your database schemas easy with DTM Schema Comparer.

DTM Schema Comparer is a visual tool for compare database schemas (or metadata). This easy to use utility helps database developers and administrators to compare database schemas. The comparison process supports tables, views, indexes, triggers and stored procedures. The visual representation of database schemas as a tree makes the comparison process more comfortable.

The built-in SQL text comparison tool allows the user to view two scripts with differences displayed in a comfortable way. The synchronous navigation through the schemas tree allows the user to easily compare items in as detailed way as user need. And importantly, the product can compare Microsoft SQL Server database schema with Oracle as well as DB2 database schema with Interbase. The software product supports common database interfaces: ODBC, OLE DB or Oracle Call Interface.

DTM Schema Comparer is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

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