Database Structure Comparison Utility Features


Operating systems support Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003, 2008, 2012 or newer.
Additional client side software required ODBC 32, IDAPI (BDE), OLE DB or Oracle Call Interface.
Does the product support any DBMS-specific features? Yes, for MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL and Interbase/Firebird.

Software product

What versions of the tool are available? Standard and professional.
Does the product support command line mode? Yes, professional version only.
Does the schema comparison tool allow to execute custom SQL scripts against connected databases? Yes, the program has built in SQL console.
Can the tool compare or synchronize databases in unattended mode? Yes, for professional version only.
Can a comparison or synchronization process be scheduled? Yes, the tool is compatible with Windows Schedule System.
Does the comparer support object list filtering? Yes, "exclude" and "include" by mask filters are available.

Comparison and Synchronization Processes

Can the program compare different database types? Yes, except DBMS specific objects.
Can the program synchronize different database types? Yes, in case both databases support ANSI SQL.
Can the program generate SQL script instead of actually synchronization? Yes.
Can the program create a comparison report? Yes, with three levels of details (HTML format).
What kind of the table properties can be compared? Name, columns, comment, primary key, indexes, triggers and relationships.
What kind of the column properties can be compared? Name, data type, size, decimal places, null/not null property, default value, comment, check constraints.
Can I select objects to be compared or synchronized? Yes, please refer to "compare checked" and "synchronize checked" features.
Can I use third party tool for procedures or views text comparison? Yes, please refer to "external diff tool" feature.


Is help for the tool built into the product? Yes.
Is help for the tool available online? Yes, see online help

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