Data Audit

DTM Data Scrubber: data audit/verification report

The data audit is database rows and/or structure analyze for predefined requirements correspondence. It allows managers or IT administrators to understand data quality or database status. There are typical questions for database audit:

  • Does the table (like a dictionary) contain required data?
  • Does the column contain correct data? For example: in required range, not empty, not NULL, etc.
  • Does the result of the query execution correct?
  • Has the database all required objects like views or triggers?
  • Has the database all required relationships, keys or indexes?
  • Does column-to-column dependency maintenance (like birth date less than hiring date)?
  • Does required depended data value exist?
  • Does the column contain unique data?

DTM Data Scrubber was designed to generate HTML report (sample) for some user defined data audit rules. It runs the set of rules against database and reports for found problems in the data or schema.

Download free demo version (?).

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