DTM Data Scrubber Revision History

Version 1.15.08 (05-JAN-2019)
  • Better diagnostics for date and time format
  • Report design and data presentation improvements
  • Better support for SQLite and MySQL databases
Version 1.14
  • New reporting settings
  • Added HTML reports customization by CSS
  • New check option: SQL statement execution status
Version 1.13
  • New rule editor
  • Value Library performance increased
  • New Value Library entries added
Version 1.12
  • Exclude schema option implemented
  • Project report was improved
  • New check level: query results
Version 1.11
  • Better support for date conversion (Oracle, DB2, etc)
  • Added integration with DTM Data Editor
  • New actions for string case conversion
Version 1.10
  • Unique key selection feature added for verification rule
  • Data verification rule can be applied to View
  • Added column reference in 'by SQL query' check
  • New options and settings

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