June, 2013 [Russian Version]

DTM soft released major update of DTM Data Scrubber
Make your data better with new generation of the data cleaning utility.

DTM Data Scrubber is data verification and cleaning tool. It is designed for data problem search and fixing. The new version of the software offers a few important improvements of the verification and cleaning process.

The first addition is a set of predefined "well known data" definitions. This feature allows users to compare existing database column with standard definition for URL, e-mail, phone number, ZIP code, etc. It saves a lot of time for typical databases verification or cleaning.

The second addition is a Value Library. Value Library is a rich set of predefined data arrays for countries, currencies, states, etc. The user should not enter standard values manually anymore.

The clearing process also improved by new action types. The Action is data correction operation like "trim non-significant spaces" or "replace substring". Now the software offers ten action types including SQL script execution.

The console mode makes the scrubber compatible with scheduling systems. That means that the data verification and cleaning process can be executed by schedule as well as by demand.

DTM soft is a software design, development and consulting company specializing in developing database processing, reporting and management utilities since 1998.

April, 2005

DTM soft releases DTM Data Scrubber, new data verification and cleaning tool

All modern companies, organizations and government authorities deal with huge data arrays. Unfortunately the company canít trust in file from external source or manually entered data. DTM Data Scrubber was designed to achieve two goals: verify data and fix data errors.

The data scrubber allows the user to define correct data. Using these definitions the program makes data audit with handy verification report. On the other hand the user can define a set of frequent data errors like wrong format, values outside a range or incomplete data. For each possible data problem the software provides the user a way to fix it. For example, it can change value format, replace substring or whole value.

DTM Data Scrubber is a must have tool for database application developers, QA stuff and DBA. It provides a way to save database integrity at any lifecycle step: development, testing or maintenance. Once created, a set of data definitions can verify or clean database by one click.

DTM soft's CEO said: "As software developers we are facing wrong data every day. This new tool helps us to make our data better. Iím sure that it helps your company as well."

DTM Data Scrubber is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at www.sqledit.com/scr for evaluation. DTM soft is a well-known software company specializing in developing database processing and reporting utilities. The company signature is remarkable simplicity and efficiency of all software titles DTM soft has developed and released. DTM Data Scrubber is the latest addition to the company's database processing software product line that includes titles like DTM SQL editor, DTM Data Generator, DTM Data Editor and DTM Migration Kit. More information about these products can be found at www.sqledit.com

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