DTM Data Scrubber Revision History Archive

Version 1.09
  • Excel and text formats for execution report
  • Better detailization for execution report
  • Custom database connections for verification rule
  • Added 'Value Library' support
  • WHERE clause for cleaning rules
Version 1.08
Version 1.07
  • WHERE clause for verification rules
  • New regular expression engine
  • Known Values for verification (URL, e-mail, IP address, phone number, etc)
  • GUI enhancements: new hot keys, "stop" toolbar button
Version 1.06
  • %VALUE% and %WHERE% macros support for action definitions
  • Custom SQL statement as "Cleaning action"
  • Trim spaces action for left, right and both sides
  • Value "In result set" check for verification and cleaning
Version 1.05
  • Console mode and new command line parameters
  • "Ignore case" option for string comparisons
  • Unconditional cleaning rules and "Remove the row" action added
  • New check "Value in list"
Version 1.04
  • $DATE and $TIME$ macros for report file name
  • New editors for data verification and data cleaning rules
  • NOT predicate for validation rules
Version 1.03
  • New project properties (author, description, etc) with editor.
  • Built-in execution report viewer.
  • Project report with built-in viewer.
Version 1.02
  • Important reporting enhancements.
  • SQL Console added.
Version 1.01
  • Cumulative GUI update: navigation tree, hot keys, etc.
  • Built-in quick log viewer.
Version 1.00.1x
  • Better regular expressions support.

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