How does the data verification process work?

DTM Data Scrubber: data verification / validation process

The data verification process consists of a few steps.
They are:

  1. Data request. The program selects data from the database and builds a result set.
  2. Verification report preparation. The program opens report file and writes summary information: connection information, execution time, etc.
  3. Data fetching. The program fetches selected data sequentially from the first to last row.
  4. Data item verification. See below.
  5. Release result set and close verification report.

Data Item Verification

For each data item, the scrubber applies one or more data rule. The data rule has information about data item (table, field, etc.) suitable for the rule.

If the check returns negative value the data item marked as "wrong" and information about the value will be stored in the HTML report (data verification report).


  • The user can run only one verification rule against the specified data set. In this case, only one check will be applied to each suitable data item.

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