DTM Test XML Generator Revision History Archive

Version 1.15
  • Single file output mode
  • Better integration with pattern engine manual
  • Performance increased up to 20% for complex/nested XML structures
Version 1.14
  • Better support 'minOccurs' and 'maxOccurs' (XSD import)
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format selection implemented
  • Important performance improvements
Version 1.13
  • Write to standard output mode implemented
  • Call external executable for each generated document mode added
  • Cumulative pattern engine and GUI update
Version 1.12
  • Node probability feature added
  • Group of items function implemented
  • Cumulative user interface update
Version 1.11
  • Bulk projects execution added to console mode
  • Performance enhanced for nodes with repeat counter greater 1
  • Better Windows 7 shell integration
  • Major pattern engine update
Version 1.10
  • New pattern engine implemented
  • Important performance improvements (up to 3-4 times for typical cases)
  • User interface enhancements
Version 1.09
  • Better support for XML Schema import
  • Name prefix and $DATE$, $TIME$ macros in the output file name
  • New structure import options ("insert" mode)
Version 1.08
  • SQL console for default connection added
  • Better "indent" mode support
  • Performance enhancements
Version 1.07
  • Better support for value-to-value and attribute-to-attribute references
  • Added limited support for XML schema import
  • New pattern library options: $ByExamle, etc
Version 1.06
  • Prologue and epilogue SQL scripts (project and file level)
  • $FILE_N$ macro support implemented
  • New context menu for attribute list and node tree
Version 1.05
  • New generators added to menu
  • 'Stop' button added for long-time projects
  • Default connection option added
  • 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' operations for attribute list implemented
Version 1.04
  • Better support for XML quoting
  • New diagnostics module
  • Check for updates feature has been improved
Version 1.03
  • Pattern engine major update
  • Cumulative value library update
  • Minor user interface enhancements
Version 1.02
  • Console mode
  • Cumulative pattern engine update
Version 1.01
  • Recent project list feature
  • New command line switches
  • Important GUI enhancements for keyboard support

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