DTM Test XML Generator Revision History

Version 1.20.08 (12-JAN-2020)
  • Cumulative data generation engine functions update: $GUID, $Query, etc.
  • Better support for groups of nodes
  • Set of the performance improvements
Version 1.19
  • User interface improvements: new menu items, hot keys, etc.
  • HTML Project Report feature implemented
  • Document structure management improved: level up and down functions, etc.
  • New diagnostics module and logging levels released
Version 1.18
  • Better UTF8 output support (Unicode edition)
  • Load and test features implemented for prologue and epilogue scripts
  • Variables are now supported in file name prefix
  • Cumulative GUI update
Version 1.17
  • Data driven node repeater implemented
  • Pattern engine update ($BLOB function, $IncFloat function, new parameters, etc)
  • Variables support was implemented
Version 1.16
  • "No CR/LF" output mode implemented
  • External script as a source feature added ($Script and $ScriptGroup functions)
  • Move node feature added

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