June, 2011

DTM soft releases DTM Test XML Generator, a new tool for test XML documents creation.

XML or Extensible Markup Language is a very popular way of documents encoding. Most software development company or IT department uses this format. However, it is too expensive to create test XML documents manually. DTM Test XML Generator is a tool that designed to help developers, testers, and QA engineers to generate test documents in a bulk manner. The program allows the user to specify document structure manually or import it from existing XML document.

To make output document more realistic the software has more than two dozen built-in generators like address, e-mail, IP address, URL, phone number or postal code. Moreover, it offers ready to use sets of values like countries, currencies, cities, streets, etc.
The preview option of the XML generator is a perfect way to understand data to be generated by once click.

DTM soft CEO said: "A huge sets of test XML documents with one sample file and by one click is our goal."

DTM Test XML Generator is distributed electronically over the Internet; the demo version is ready to free download at www.sqledit.com/xmlgenerator for evaluation.

DTM soft is ISV specializing in developing data processing utilities since 1998. Test XML Generator is a new addition to test data generators product line that also included: DTM Data generator and DTM Flat File Generator.
More information about DTM soft's products can be found at www.sqledit.com.

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