Data Generation Script Compiler

Test Data Generation Script

DTM Data Generation Script Compiler process

The Test Data Generation Script is a plain text file that describes all aspects of test data generation process: database connection properties, project settings and generation rules. The compiler transforms script file to executable file.
There are two ways to create a script: the export project to script using DTM Data Generator (Professional or Enterprise editions only) or write it manually. Read more about the script language.

Download demo version of the compiler and try it out

DTM Data Generation Script Compiler

The DTM Data Generation Script Compiler is Windows .NET command line application. It compiles test data generation script (.dgl) to windows executable or, optional, C# source code.


The compiler requires Windows .NET 2.0 or newer installed. It can be executed under Windows XP or newer (both 32 and 64 bit) desktop or server platform.
The compiled executable has the same requirements and ODBC subsystem to establish the database connection.

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