Test Data Generator Editions

There are three main editions of the software product and two runtime editions: runtime and multiplatform runtime. Please refer the following table to explore differences between the product editions.

  • Standard is intended for individual users and small working groups.
  • Professional suits for professionals and working groups that work with large-scale databases and need more functions for data generation control.
  • Enterprise was designed for corporate solution developers. It offers extended functionality, flexibility, and scalability.
Option Standard Professional Enterprise
Maximum rules per project 128 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum data rows per one rule 10 000 000 2 100 000 000 about 9 200 000 000 000 000 000
Variables support No Yes Yes
XML as output data format No Yes Yes
JSON as output data format No Yes Yes
Export and Import Named Generators feature No Yes Yes
"From list" fill method, maximum values 1024 Unlimited Unlimited
"From file" fill method, maximum values 4096 Unlimited Unlimited
Console Mode No Yes Yes
SQL Library integration No Yes Yes
Compatible with runtime license No Yes Yes
Multi-platform Runtime compatibility No Yes Yes
Export project to script file feature No Yes Yes
Custom "From File" value separators No, TAB only Yes Yes
"Database Object" creation rule No No Yes
Scramble mode support No No Yes
Code is optimized for multiprocessor configurations 1 No No Yes
Native x64 version 2 No No Yes
Value Library Manager license included No No Yes
Data Masking Tool license included No No Yes
Microsoft Visual Source Safe integration support No No Yes
Silent Mode (no output, logging only) No No Yes
Included single license of DTM Data Editor3 No No Yes 4
20% discount for DTM Data Generation SDK No No Yes 5
20% discount for DTM Data Generation Script Compiler No No Yes 6
10% discount for our Consulting and Custom development services No No Yes
Priority technical support No No Yes

1 - the program recognizes and uses configurations with 1, 2 or 4 processors automatically.
2 - allows to use more than 2 Gb RAM at 64 bit systems.
3 - allows users to review or edit populated database by one click.
4 - you save US$129.
5 - you save from US$30 to $110. Please contact us for discount coupon.
6 - you save from US$40.

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