Test File Generator Features


Operating systems support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/10 (desktop), Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and newer.
Additional client-side software required Optional: ODBC 32 driver for database access.

Output Test File Formats

Can the user define output test file structure? Yes, by providing template file.
Does the generator suitable for text file creation? Yes, as well as for binary one.
Does the software support binary templates? Yes, Professional version only.
Can I generate XML files with this software? Yes, but we recommend using DTM Test XML Generator for this purpose.
Can I generate JSON documents with this utility? Yes, but we recommend using DTM Data Generator for JSON for this purpose.
Can the software load data to my database or storage? Yes, but you have to use external utility for this purpose or your DB should support inserts via REST API.
Is it possible to fill out test Excel spreadsheets with this random file generator? No, you should use DTM Data Generator for Excel instead.


Can I schedule the test file creation process? Yes, with Professional version only.
Can the user define output file name pattern? Yes.
Is it possible to generate unique file names set for each run of the tool? Yes, with $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros.

Data Generation

Is it possible to use data from XML file as a source? Yes, please use $XML pattern engine call.
Is it possible to get data from the database table or query? Yes, please use $Table or $Query pattern engine call for this purpose.
Can I use current file name in the template? Yes, with ^^File^^ or ^^File full^^ labels.
Can I provide the probability of the 'optional' block? Yes, with NN parameter. 'optional 33' means add this block for about 1/3 cases only.
Does the tool support references between data fields? Yes, please refer to @n calls of the built-in data generation language.
Is it possible to use data from the Internet in the filling out process? Yes, please use $WebFile or $WebFileGroup pattern engine call.
Does the user allow to provide Python or Ruby script as a data source? Yes, with $Script function.
Does the tool support project-level variables? Yes.


Is help for the tool built into the product? Yes.
Does the generator include manual for Test Data Generation Engine? Yes.
Does the help for the tool available on-line? Yes, see online help
Does the product's manual available as PDF? Yes, please contact us for details.

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