May, 2015

DTM soft releases DTM File Factory
Create structured test files with new software by DTM soft

The file with predefined structure is one of the most popular formats. Messages, logs, configuration files have internal structure but unlike database table with rows and columns. Usually, we have a template with various data items in key positions like name and address in the message or timestamp in the log file.

DTM File Factory was designed to generate this kind of data files in a bulk manner. The user allowed to define a template and assign how the generator change data items.

The software has built-in language for test data item generation: more than 50 functions and powerful expression engine. Moreover, the user is enabled to source extract data from external data sources: databases, text files, XML documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

The console mode and rich command line options help users to generate data by schedule

DTM soft is a software vendor specializing in developing data processing utilities. DTM File Factory is the latest addition to the company's test data generation software product line that includes following titles DTM Data Generator, DTM Data Generator for JSON, DTM Test XML Generator, DTM Data Generator for Excel, DTM Flat File Generator, DTM Data Generation SDK and DTM Data Generation Script Compiler.