Differences between DTM Flat File Generator and DTM Data Generator*

Option DTM Flat File Generator DTM Data Generator Professional
Maximum rows per file or table Unlimited about 2 100 000 000**
CPU/cores support up to 32 up to 2
Output file formats Text only Text, SQL, XML
Output files per project 1 Unlimited
Import file structure support Extended Basic
UTF-8 output support Yes Limited
Export file structure support Yes No
Change column order feature support Yes No
Row count management No, constant only Five methods
Update and Scramble features No Yes
Named generators support No Yes
Date conversion support Limited, manually Yes
BLOB loading support No Yes
Multiplatform Runtime compatibility No Yes
Data generation script compiler compatibility No Yes

* - we compare DTM Flat File Generator with Professional edition of DTM Data Generator
** - about 4 200 000 000 for Enterprise edition of DTM Data Generator.