DTM Data Loader for CouchDB

The data loader is a supplemental utility for DTM Data Generator for JSON. The loader helps users to load generated set of JSON files to CouchDB database. The test database population requires two calls only: the JSON generator makes a set of documents (one per object) and the data loader inserts this set to CouchDB database. The loader is a command line Windows software product that supports all operating system versions starting Windows XP.

Download Data Loader, no installation required. This software product can be used with DTM Data Generator for JSON only for evaluation or commercial use depends on user's license.

Key Data Loader Features

  • Command line for unattended and scheduled execution.
  • No internal limits for a number of files to be loaded into the database.
  • Supports all actual CouchDB versions and Windows versions.

Command Line Switches

There are three mandatory command line switches:

  1. Server name and port. Example: localhost:5984
  2. Database name. Example: SalesDB
  3. Source folder with JSON files. Example: d:\results\JsonFiles

How to use DTM Data Generator for JSON Together with Data Loader

The following example shows two steps of the CoudDB population by sample data: test data making and data loading. Both steps will be executed in console mode without graphical user interface. At the first step, DTM Data Generator for JSON makes a set of test JSON documents in "d:\results\JsonFiles" folder. At the second step, the data loader inserts each document to CouchDB database named "SalesDB".

dgjson.exe -c d:\SalesDb.gjspr 
CouchDBLoader.exe localhost:5984 SalesDB d:\results\JsonFiles