DTM Data Loader for MongoDB

The data loader was designed to help users to populate MongoDB database by test data without extra steps. The data population process requires two calls only: the generator produces a set of JSON files and the loader inserts this set to MongoDB collection. It is a command line Windows application that requires .NET and supports all modern operating system versions.

Download Data Loader, no installation required. The software can be used with DTM Data Generator for JSON only for evaluation or commercial use depends on user's license.

Key Loader Features

  • Fast and easy to use. The loading process can be scheduled.
  • No internal limits for a number of documents to be loaded.
  • Supports all actual MongoDB versions.

Command Line

There are four mandatory command line switches:

  1. Server(s) name [separated by comma]. Example: localhost:27017 or localhost:27017,localhost:27018
  2. Database name*. Example: MyDB
  3. Collection*. Example: MyCollection
  4. Source folder with JSON files. Example: d:\results\JsonFiles

* - the software does not check for database and collection existence and will create it if necessary.

Run DTM Data Generator for JSON and Data Loader Together

The following batch contains two steps: data generation and data loading. Both of them will be executed in the console (GUI-free) mode. At the first step, DTM Data Generator for JSON makes a set of test JSON files in "d:\results\JsonFiles" folder. At the second one, the data loader inserts each file as MongoDB document to collection 'Orders' of the database 'SalesDB'.

dgjson.exe -c d:\SalesDb.gjspr 
MongoDataLoader.exe localhost:27017 SalesDB Orders d:\results\JsonFiles

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