July, 2014

DTM soft release DTM Data Generator for JSON
Generate test JSON files with new tool by DTM soft

DTM soft introduces new software product for solution developers and QA engineers that generate test JSON files. The JSON format is a modern and popular alternative for XML. It is easy to operate, lightweight and compact.

DTM Data Generator for JSON was designed for automated generation JSON files in a bulk manner. The key product's feature is a reasonable set of predefined rules for data generation (named "generators"). It helps to assign required test data for most popular data like e-mail, address or user's name by one click.

At the other hand, DTM Data Generator offers powerful built-in data generation language that supports complex dependencies. This language allows the user to assign external flat files, databases, Excel spreadsheets or XML files as a source for data generation.

The user can define a structure of JSON file manually as well as provide an example. In the second case that program import structure and assign generators to each field automatically with smart arrays recognition.

The console mode and rich command line options help users to generate data by schedule or from own solution.

DTM soft is a software vendor specializing in developing data processing utilities. DTM Data Generator for JSON is the latest addition to the company's test data generation software product line that includes titles like DTM Data Generator, DTM Test XML Generator, DTM Data Generation SDK and DTM Data Generation Script Compiler.

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