DTM Data Generator for JSON Revision History

Version 2.02.00 (22-MAY-2021)
  • Pattern engine cumulative update
  • Performance improvements
  • User interface additions and fixes
Version 2.01
  • New pattern engine compatible JSON generator implemented
  • More comfortable and compact JSON formatter
  • Pattern engine cumulative update
Version 2.00
  • New document structure editor
  • Arrays generation improvement
  • Object name as a pattern feature added
  • New fast JSON-document generation engine
  • Important performance increasing
Version 1.06
  • Variables support implemented
  • Cumulative data generation engine update
  • Performance improvements
Version 1.05
  • Better data generation engine help system integration
  • Pattern engine update: $Script function added, performance increased
  • "No CRLF" file generation mode added
Version 1.04
  • REST API call as output method added
  • 'Single File' mode implemented
  • Data Loaders for MongoDB, RavenDB and CouchDB have been released
  • Diagnostics module enhancements implemented
Version 1.03
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros format selection implemented
  • New output mode added: 'stdout'
  • Call external executable for each generated file implemented
Version 1.02
  • BSON output added
  • Preview feature major improvements
  • Cumulative pattern engine update
Version 1.01
  • Major pattern engine and value library update
  • Better Windows 7/8 shell integration
  • Performance enhancements and fixes
  • Import sample file procedure improved

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