How to compare two database structures?

The database comparison process has two aspects. DTM Schema Comparer compares the structure (or schemas) while DTM Data Comparer compares the database content (data rows and values).
To compare schemas, the program enumerates tables, columns, views, stored procedures, indexes, triggers, primary keys and relationships from both databases. In the case of columns with identical names, the tool compares data types, sizes, "null" or "not null" properties, decimal digits, default values, comments and check constraints.

The key product feature is providing visual comparison results. The utility shows two trees with schemas and provides coordinated navigation. If the user selects some object in one of the schemas, the comparison tool selects the object with the same name in the other schema.

Another important part of the process is comparing SQL scripts for complex objects like triggers or stored procedures. The schema comparer offers an effective text comparison tool for this purpose. It shows the two scripts in face-to-face windows with synchronous navigation.

Download schema comparison utility

Demo version (?) of Standard or Professional is available free of charge.

About DTM Schema Comparer Software

  • Standard and Professional versions.
  • Visual schemas presentation makes comparison process more user-friendly.
  • The synchronous navigation allows the user to easily compare items in as detailed way as required.
  • Project wizard helps the user to compare or synchronize schemas by a few clicks.
  • Customizable HTML comparison report with three levels of information detalization.
  • Supports ODBC, OCI, OLE DB and IDAPI connections.

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