Database Synchronization Process

There are two things to synchronize: the database schema and data rows. DTM Schema Comparer helps users to synchronize database structures while DTM Data Comparer deals with data only. To synchronize databases, the program scans the list of objects and creates an SQL scenario with DDL statements like DROP TABLE or CREATE INDEX to make both schemas identical.

The synchronization tool works with tables, columns, views, stored procedures, indexes, triggers, primary keys and relationships. For individual column it uses data types, sizes, "null" or "not null" properties, decimal digits, default values, comments and check constraints in the synchronization process. The program allows the user to select object types that should be included in database synchronization. For example, the user can exclude triggers from synchronization or make the program not compare column comments.

By default, the synchronization tool shows the generated script to the user before executing it. The user can disable synchronizing some objects or even save the script without actually modifying the schemas.

Download Synchronization Tool

Demo version (?) of Standard or Professional is available free of charge.

About DTM Schema Comparer

  • Primary to secondary and secondary to primary synchronizes.
  • User friendly synchronization scenario.
  • Process optimized to support middle and large scale schemas.
  • Supports ODBC, IDAPI, OLE DB and Oracle Call Interface connections.

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