How can a data scrubber help me?

Database Developers

The modern information systems are too complex to be developed without bugs from the first. The software product with errors can add incorrect data to database systems. Data modifications can break logical integrity, etc. The data scrubber execution is an easy way to be sure that some module under development does not "broke" a database.

QA and Test Engineers

Even some test passed side effects can modify database incorrectly. DTM Data Scrubber provides a good technology to find this kind of problems. A set of rules that describe correct data state allows users to find side effects of the testing process easy.

System and Database Administrators

Most companies work with data from various external sources. There are no reasons to trust in these files or databases without verification. The data verification software helps administrators to make a barrier for incorrect data. Moreover, the data cleaning rules allow users to remove data problems automatically before import to corporate database broke something.

Advanced Users

Even data received from partner correct for partner's system, it is not true for your side. Different encoding, dictionaries or information presentation make data unacceptable for another information system. DTM Data Scrubber helps advanced users to find and remove a few data problems and save information integrity.

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