DTM DB Stress Revision History Archive

Version 1.15
  • Script from file feature in the task definition
  • GUI enhancements
  • Pattern engine fixes and improvements
Version 1.14
  • Report comparison feature
  • Report Visualization tool in now available
  • Minor compatibility enhancements
Version 1.13
  • SQL library support
  • MS Visual Source Safe integration
  • OLE DB support enhancements
Version 1.12
  • Task grouping feature and "by group" execution method
  • Runtime version/license
  • Minor reporting and GUI enhancements
Version 1.11
  • New task properties
  • New task window design
  • Better support for prologue and epilogue scripts in GUI
Version 1.10
  • New execution and project report features
  • Executed statements viewer
  • GUI enhancements: better report navigation and project property window
Version 1.09
  • New navigation panel
  • Quick Log Viewer feature
  • Built-in viewer for project report
Version 1.08
  • Built-in data generator for parameters of dynamic SQL statements
  • Minor GUI enhancements
  • Project HTML report
Version 1.07
  • Optional Show Execution Plan Plug-in for SQL Server
  • New options and project properties
Version 1.06
  • Optional Performance Counters Plug-in
  • Console mode
Version 1.05
  • New report formats, options and modes
  • Sequentially tasks execution feature
  • GUI enhancements for volume task changes
Version 1.04
  • Prologue and epilogue scripts support
  • Custom connection task property
Version 1.03
  • DB Stress project execution report (HTML format)
  • New task properties for performance testing
Version 1.02
  • New user interface
  • Statistics and diagrams for stress test execution
  • New performance testing process control options
Version 1.01
  • Supports IDAPI and Oracle Call Interface Connections
  • Parameterization and dynamic statements has been implemented